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TPA, Risk Management, and Loss Prevention Services.




Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, General Liability


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NATIONWIDE tailored programs 

what you can expect


  • 24-hour, 3-point contact

  • Electronic claim reporting to specific state EDI

  • Full claim investigation, including site investigation when necessary

  • Strategic occupational clinic relationships

  • Utilize CCP (as desired) to facilitate medical communication

  • Medical bill review with electronic processing

  • Nurse case managers assigned based on task and severity

  • Prescription drug program

  • RTW – modified duty offering with charitable organizations

  • Medicare set-a-sides and MMSEA compliance

  • Subrogation recovery handling

  • SIU – surveillance, fraud investigation

  • Contracted hand picked defense attorneys

  • On line claim access with client dashboard

  • Customizable loss reporting and analysis

  • Reserve and settlement discussion at desired level

  • Regular claim reviews at desired intervals

  • Supportive material for employer WC packets

  • Loss prevention

  • Consulting services for risk modeling